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Atiya Amjad - Art writer, curator
Jaya Vishnu Baheti celebrates life. The jubilee springs from an affirmation that all sadness leads us onto the path of happy hope and ceaseless aspirations. Therefore, this painter do not struggle or doubt to create her "Heaven on Earth". The "Heaven on Earth" series of Baheti is a natural and spontaneous perspective which she executes upon her creative surfaces. The macroscopic stance she has adopted to view the world has provided her the scope to distance herself and render the song of life. And such distances keep her close enough to people and their emotions. Employing the semi-abstract/figurative methodology Baheti narrates wondrous vistas of nature which are generally stored in her memory. Although an urbanite, rural and rustic life has always enchanted her senses. The picturesque scapes registered from air flights or her umpteen visits to the countryside have provided her the possibilities to explore the scapes from the altitudes. Hence, Bahetis paintings are reflections of a preferred perspective. Landscapes studied as aerial views are executed like abstract carpets. Tactfully composed, the impressions of various elements of nature are skillfully juxtaposed as representations of environmental forms, resulting in colour patches. Fields and rivers, mountains and terrains, caves and plateaus all form an association for the spectators eye. Reality takes a roundabout route in her paintings as it emanates from Bahetis memory and finds a place in her paintings from where again it taps upon the memory of the spectator. And until the spectator jogs his/her memory this reality remains as abstract as they appear in her paintings. Here the painter creates an engaging visual challenge for the spectator. Another aspect to be noted in her paintings is the skillful binding of various elements. The abstract quality of her landscapes which functions as a foil to human forms in some of her works is actually the mainstay of all her works. Nature for Baheti is an expression of the sacred. Therefore, distancing herself from any form of detail, she compiles impressions of earth pieces. Coordinating the harsh with the soft her landscapes compels the spectators to redefine what is distant. Although her scapes are impressions of distant lands Jaya Baheti infuses involvement here by drawing human forms. Highly stylised human forms are composed engagingly upon her canvas. Tracking the journey of life they are definably in tune with earthly existence. Going about their chores they appear one with their milieu. But their longing eyes appeal for betterment, and they hardly seem to realize the bounty they are surrounded by. Heaven on Earth then remains a utopia, an aspiration to be explored in the abstracts. But then, the artist once again attempts to cut the abstract by specking the landscapes with some detailing such as trees and houses which narrates human existence. This way Baheti balances her abstracts with a good amount of figurative elements. Although, she keeps it free for interpretations her visual content does not mislead the viewer and there are not many layers to be unearthed. But what strikes out prominently in her work is her emotional involvement which is clearly displayed in her works. Atiya Amjad Art writer, curator

koile mukharji - Art Historian, Curator
Jaya Bahetis work in the last fifteen years has shifted from the realistic to a simple stylisation. Her subjects arrive from her understanding and annotations of the bucolic. The works are a balance of figurative and geometric plastered together with a texture that enhances the appeal of the spatial allotment in the composition. the people that she creates, the head is rendered larger than the torso and the eyes convey poignantly, they are conscious of the onlooker and gazes back in apprehension amidst their chores. The entire picture plane communicates an aerial view of the farmlands compounded with an ingredient of a certain realisation of the "Heaven on Earth". The colours are juxtaposed in patchy geometry with textured interventions that impregnates the forms with a subtle sense of volume. The warm glow of the lemon yellow paint next to the Prussian blue used in its depth, sets of the clarity in the forms. A few of her works are pure abstracts constructed with colours that show up in places through a thick layer of paint. There is interplay of clarity and the undefined obscure too, adding a sense of mystery to her compositions. Ms. Koeli Mukherjee-Ghose

Murli Lahoti - Eminant artist
Very Interesting technique, line force, forms, and rich colours.

Pooja Bedi - Film Actress-Model
Lovely Paintings, amazing.

Nirmaladevi Birla - Art Collector
Very Nice!

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