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Artist Profile -- <%=rs1("fname")%> <%=rs1("lname")%>
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<%edu=split(rs("education"),"##",-1,1) gex=split(rs("gexhibition"),"##",-1,1) solo=split(rs("soloexhibition"),"##",-1,1) awards=split(rs("awards"),"##",-1,1) member=split(rs("member"),"##",-1,1) %> Education :
<%for i=0 to ubound(edu)-1%> <%=i+1%>. <%=edu(i)%>
Group Exhibitions :
<%for i=0 to ubound(gex)-1%> <%=i+1%>. <%=gex(i)%>
Solo Exhibitions :
<%for i=0 to ubound(solo)-1%> <%=i+1%>. <%=solo(i)%>
Awards :
<%for i=0 to ubound(awards)-1%> <%=i+1%>. <%=awards(i)%>
Member of the society :
<%for i=0 to ubound(member)-1%> <%=i+1%>. <%=member(i)%>

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